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Lazy Letter: Hitchhike

I was standing on the side of the road. It was the second ride I was supposed to take. My right arm felt a bit sore. I had already kept my arm up for more than half an hour, and I had to do it again. Maybe longer this time. The second ride seemed to be more fun; it wasn’t the highway, just a narrow road. A long path to the villages and farms and valleys. I was alone.


Kids are odd

Curious and bizarre

Being new to this world maybe

Gives them another feel and touch

Things don’t make sense as much


Walls no different than a plain paper

Once it’s done you can’t stop them any further

All the things that we didn’t know

But learned, not very far from along ago


Wooden Airplanes


“Which one is your favorite?” Didem asked suddenly. I was right looking at it. Perfect timing! “Do you see this one?” I said “this blue one with a broken wing” I pointed at it.

Later she showed me a picture of it. It was cuter in her view.

Invisible Rana, Morning People



We are sitting in the garden of a coffee house, on really short stools and tiny tables. They call it garden but I see an open garage with trees and stuff. It’s overloaded and full of young folks. Something makes me want to leave. READ MORE


Billy was a friend of mine. One day I came home and I saw him hanging around up on the ceiling. He had a nice smile. That made me smile too.