Lazy Letter: No Buses

I think I told you on the phone how this town has lost the meaning of time, and that nobody really cares. The church bells ring, but people don't seem to care. Their lunch breaks are on-time, and they drink coffee a few times a

Lazy Letter: Going Nowhere

We took the morning bus. We were waiting at the bus stop by the bakery at nine o'clock. Teyo bought a pastry for herself, it had a jam filling. I didn't get anything, I just drank water; I can't have breakfast even if I wanted

Lazy Letter: Downtown

I have the fanciest bedroom here, you should come and see. Living in this bedroom makes me feel like I'm the queen or something. They say it's a seventeen-century house. Murals and window frames, the way each owner of the house has added some type

Lazy Letter: Window Seat

I am on my way to the other town in the south. The first few moments of arrival would always be stressful. I always ask myself what if I don't like it, or if I couldn't enjoy it, which is all nonsense; every trip is

Lazy Letter: Snowing Ash

It was still dark when I finally woke up. I didn't sleep well throughout the night, woke up with every little sound. We had to sleep at the volunteers' house since we decided it was safer for the night. We have no car at the