Born in the summer of 89, Tehran, Iran. My genuine work has begun since 2013, generating ideas & developing projects in different mediums. True events in life are my main inspiration, & most of my art practices are memoir projects. I document ordinary matters, insignificant moments, coincidences & random incidents to remark their patterns, to find out the correlation & their hidden meanings once put in the perspective of time. My visual work revolves around desolate scenes & everyday matters that are slightly out of ordinary with essential attention to details. My writings are contemporary memoir, a mixture of real-life experiences with the world of thoughts and dreams to express isolation & loneliness; a twist of sense of humor is an inseparable aspect of my work.

After living in different parts of Turkey for eight years, I’m now living as an artist in residence in different countries, & traveling around for most of the year; creativity dawns as I move along with the road.