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 I’m beginning to enjoy my small window in front of my table. It certainly is an odd place to set your working station. Lack of space in this studio came as a big surprise that I had to learn how to tolerate. A little bit disappointing, but what do I do, right?! Except that I have my coffee at my table every morning, I put cinnamon on it, and watch the view as I take a sip. I watch the road for a couple minutes at night before I leave my table goodbye.

A dense fog is now covering the neighborhood. The air is orange, so the light of the street lights is all over. The road is hiding behind the mist, perhaps you could see a pale reflection of it. It feels like it’s going to snow. Oh, how I miss it! It’s cold in here, but I guess not cold enough to make it snow. It barely even rains. The fire from a few weeks before was only a small outcome of the drought, there are even more serious consequences that you could easily witness in an everyday life. My initial plan was to return before the winter, this heavy fog reminded me of all my failed plans for this journey. What a sad feeling when I know I’m not going to see the snow this year. I’ve asked people around, some has never seen it. Some foreigners, on the other hand, has not seen in years. They say they could relive the feeling in their head, but I don’t believe it’d be the same. For me, winter doesn’t start until it snows. We do have all the other elements of a harsh cold winter, freezing beds, numb toes and frozen fingertips, cold air in the lungs, strong wind to make the walk back home almost impossible, and a heavy mist to sew up your eyes to the window. But, no snow! If the winter starts with a snow, and if doesn’t snow this year, then the last year wouldn’t end really; it stretches on till I catch the snow somewhere.

We took a trip to the west coast, not very far away from here. We passed by a bunch of towns and villages, and stopped by a couple time before we got ourselves to the ocean. We visited a few beaches, and stood on top of some cliffs. We took a short walk in one of these towns. It was beautiful. I wondered what the name of this path was just as I saw the marks on the side of the road. This time they were green and blue. I was really curious to find out where it would take me. But we had to go, so I took a moment to appreciate the view. It’s hard to describe when things hold so much beauty. The rocks were massive, and gigantic waves were constantly hitting them. I felt small; such little creatures we are once compared to nature. It all made me think about the ocean for a few minutes, made me want to be a part of it. The next town we stopped by had a narrow river running in between the city, which eventually joined the ocean. It made the beach even more interesting. We saw a cargo ship from the distance. Even from far away, I could see the containers, and that they were full of things. It looked giant, and it was very far away from us. I kept staring at it, wondering if I ever could travel with one of these ships. What a trip to drift along with the waves, to see ocean and nothing but the ocean around you. The sun was sinking before our eyes, and all my thoughts sounded romantic and dreamy. I much preferred watching the sunset from the beach, but we ended up in a pub nearby. I couldn’t see much from there, only the clouds and dramatic colors of the sky; I was sipping red wine. I could watch a countless number of sunrises and sunsets if I travel on a ship, no distractions at all.


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