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From up the hill

They set a big fire in the middle of the town. It’s for the winter holidays. People gather around it, drink wine, red or white, and sing songs with their terrible voices. It’s a bizarre tradition, but the people of the town seem to love it. The fire will be on for a month. One whole month! This is pretty curious. Would it be ordinary by the end?!READ MORE

Lazy Letter: Without the Snow

 I’m beginning to enjoy my small window in front of my table. It certainly is an odd place to set your working station. Lack of space in this studio came as a big surprise that I had to learn how to tolerate. A little bit disappointing, but what do I do, right?! Except that I have my coffee at my table every morning, I put cinnamon on it, and watch the view as I take a sip. I watch the road for a couple minutes at night before I leave my table goodbye.READ MORE

Lazy Letter: New Year

The past couple days were somewhat revolutionary. Not to add an extra meaning to my new new-year theory, but I actually learned a lot from this trip. Everywhere could be just as comfortable as home. Every forest could feel like somewhere I’ve walked before. All I need to do is to follow the sign. Here, the code is red and yellow lines on the side of the road to lead the way. Destination: the ocean. It could’ve been the mountain, the valley, the waterfalls across the town which I believe would remain a mystery forever, downtown, or even a walk to nothing. The path is where it all takes place.READ MORE

The Street

Writing might be my main art practice. I get to be one hundred percent free as I write, and let my imagination drift off endlessly. It’s accessible, you can easily maintain your work; there’s always a pen and a paper somewhere. I personally keep a notebook with me all the time just in case I come across something interesting, or if some idea occurred to me worth saving. Reality holds a big portion of my inspiration, and ordinary is my favorite subject to ponder. I let the idea grow organically before I start expressing it.READ MORE

Lazy Letter: No Buses

I think I told you on the phone how this town has lost the meaning of time, and that nobody really cares. The church bells ring, but people don’t seem to care. Their lunch breaks are on-time, and they drink coffee a few times a day. I had to take a quick shower in the morning before I left, and I had my ears on the bells. Sometimes I set my daily activities based on the rings. I had a bus to catch, and I’d planned things ahead, so every second was rather important. No church bells, though, I thought I missed it as the water was running. It was already very late when I returned to the room, I doubt if it took me more than ten minutes to dress up, and fully pack. I kept going through the items that I needed to take with me, and the things that I was going to miss. If I knew that there weren’t going to be any buses that day, I would’ve taken my time, just like everyone else around here. I would’ve picked the heater off the bathroom floor, for instance, and I would’ve double checked my backpack to see that I’d need an extra pair of socks.READ MORE


If it was back in the city, I turned around and said to Teyona, I’d be able to catch a taxi right out of my door. I looked down the empty alley of our naked town. I used to live downtown, I sighed. She agreed, loads of taxis out my door too, she nodded. What did I turn my life into?! I joked and we laughed. I pondered about it for a moment.

Lazy Letter: Out of Focus

Every tree, they say, has different tasting fruits. Just like chefs and their food. I’ve been wondering for a while now, about this orange tree I see out of my window on the other side of the street. That’s all I see, really. I mean, I obviously see other things, the view is rather rich. There’s a hill, tiny portion of the road, other trees, sheep with their shepherd every now and then. But that orange tree catches my eyes. It’s probably for the lovely contrast between the vibrant orange hue of the fruits, and the bright green color of the leaves. The tree doesn’t seem very old, but I guess it must be. It’s right next to an old well with a few stands for washing the clothes and stuff. I noticed the well has dried out long while ago as I traveled across the street to have a look, and pick some oranges for my late afternoon snack. And, still as dreamy as it looks, the oranges tasted horrible.READ MORE

Lazy Letter: Bodies of Water

What was that dumb idea of mine to think that time doesn’t pass by as I travel?! As if it’s frozen, or it works differently as I’m away. Ah, that was stupid! I’m not really away; I’m right here. I’d rather imagine that I could escape, and avoid the ups and downs, and all the ups and downs it holds within. Living timeless, that’s what I’m longing for, not to worry about the name of the day, or which month of the year it is. Only the hours of my very ordinary life to lead mean to nothing would matter by the end of the day.READ MORE

Chew Well

Even though the restaurant looked crappy, there was something inviting about it. A quick look inside, and a glance at the menu on the glass door, it seemed decent enough to grab a quick dinner. It wouldn’t really be an inexpensive food, perhaps they’d charge more since it was downtown.READ MORE

Lazy Letter: Going Nowhere

We took the morning bus. We were waiting at the bus stop by the bakery at nine o’clock. Teyo bought a pastry for herself, it had a jam filling. I didn’t get anything, I just drank water; I can’t have breakfast even if I wanted to. The bus was on-time. I sat by the window, Teyo was eating her cookie as she sat next to me. And the bus drove away. No matter how far away, it feels like you haven’t gone anywhere. More like running around a circle. The landscape is the same, it doesn’t change. The hills and vineyards, olive gardens, trees in the middle of the fields and the land that are almost flat; it’s all the same. We haven’t gone far away, but the houses look exactly like one another from this village to the next one, and the next town, and the other neighboring town. We’re taking a tour, going nowhere.READ MORE