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Lazy Letter: Downtown

I have the fanciest bedroom here, you should come and see. Living in this bedroom makes me feel like I’m the queen or something. They say it’s a seventeen-century house. Murals and window frames, the way each owner of the house has added some type of decoration and has mentioned the year they lived here make it all a little bit romantic. It must be for the colors too, the creeky noise of the woods as you walk around the room. There’s a mirror in front of my bed, right in between two windows. I see my own reflection every morning as I sit up on the bed. That’s really the first thing I see every morning, I mean if we don’t count the murals around me, can’t keep my eyes off them anyway. I look at the trees and water and the paint that creates the illusion of the sand, I read the year of each painting, and wonder how come all these paintings contain some type of body of water. Then I sit up, and I see myself. It’s something that a queen would do, I guess.READ MORE

Lazy Letter: Very sweet sweets

It was only a day trip. We decided to visit there because we were curious, and that there’s not much to do in our small town. It is nearby, it could be the closest city. We took the nine o’clock bus, we checked the bus schedule once we got there just to make sure we won’t miss the last bus on the way back; The last bus was at five. I’d pinned some places on my map that I believed we could visit, I was ready for an adventure. For some reason, I thought these spots would be further away from one another as I was checking them on the map. But, the reality looked way different. The castle and the church were only about one hundred steps away from each other. The park was too small, so we couldn’t see the point in visiting. And a tour around downtown was about five hundred steps, I don’t know, I forgot to check my stepcounter.READ MORE

After Midnight

I drink red wine. I’m left with a purple stain on my lips, and a calmness followed by the last sip. Almost sleepy, I could go to bed. I’d rather hang out here, my bed is freezing. Not very promising for a sweet dream.

Lazy Letter: Window Seat

I am on my way to the other town in the south. The first few moments of arrival would always be stressful. I always ask myself what if I don’t like it, or if I couldn’t enjoy it, which is all nonsense; every trip is special in its own way. It must be a part of the power of small towns and villages.READ MORE

Lazy Letter: What Time Is It With You?!

They said it’s the land of good wine, and I can now understand how; wine is everywhere. It keeps you company with every meal, lunch, dinner, even breakfast if you feel like it. And I’m absolutely amazed by the melody of the church. Life becomes dramatic all of a sudden as the bells start to ring. I don’t think there’s much of an option, not to know about the time when you have one of these churches around. You have to be living somewhere in the forest all by yourself not to hear it. But I still don’t know what time it is. Have they already changed the clock for the daylight saving?! Funny how there’s not really a way to know about it. The sun is still warm, and is shining where it’s supposed to shine. Soon it’ll reach the middle of the sky; it’s almost lunch time, or in my case, breakfast; you know I don’t start eating until later in the afternoon. The sun will burn hot, and will make you feel like you’re on a vacation or something. As if the beach, the deep blue sea, and warm yellow sands would be waiting for you down the road. But what time is it?! How does it matter?! From the silence of the valley, I could tell that it’s Sunday; no chainsaws whatsoever. People are taking a break from what they do every day. Dogs don’t! They still bark out loud, and they still get mad when someone passes by their yards.READ MORE

Lazy Letter: Sheep in the Factory

I took a walk around the village the other day, just to see what goes on around. Not so much, apparently. They say a lot of birds died in the fire, and their forest is black now, their home. Just like the seagulls who died in the hail storm back in the city during summer. The color of autumn is not as dramatic as I expected. Maybe not yet, the seasons are shifting lately for the global warming. Or maybe the trees are different, pretty much as everything else.READ MORE

The Closeness of Parting to Meeting, slash, Thirty-Something Hours

Taking a nap is the first thing on the imaginary to-do list. Hungry, I am in great need of sleep, and I hold emotions so messy that I’d rather throw up more than anything. I’ve been planning this nap ever since I woke up unreasonably early this morning. If I don’t nap now, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the most. And the plan is to enjoy the most. The road is long, something to look forward to. Traveling now carries a different meaning. No longer about visiting the points pinned on my map recommended by journalists and travel experts, this city or that one, it’s now about the incidents happening on a smaller scale; it’s personal. Perhaps just to take the time to be. I care to know about the people who live in that village and how their forest burned, their church bells, their casual summer parties, and what they eat for dinner; to call it our village in the end. If good fortune follows, we would remain good friends with the people I meet along the way.READ MORE


I heard someone shouting. The voice echoed all over the valley.

He shouted again, the same word. He was perhaps calling a name, a person he was looking for.

Lazy Letter: Mister President

Luís took us out last night. He stopped by at our studios’ earlier during the day, and I asked him how we could meet up with the locals, or where to hang out, or what’s more to do in this small town. He offered to take us out to the neighboring town in the evening. He lives there; he’s recently moved there. Not completely though, he’s still moving. His apartment doesn’t have the electricity for some strange reason, and so I’m thinking that’s the reason why the process of moving is slower than usual. I don’t really know him, so I’m only thinking.

He picked us up at nine. He was on-time. He pulled over by the gate, and honk the horn twice to let us know that he’s there. RJ was taking the front seat, and I sat behind Luís. I asked him where we were going, and he said he didn’t really know. I found it exciting.READ MORE

Their Bathroom

I was sitting by the window and watching the view, the sunset was happening. The view was magnificent. Well, it’s only the view of the city, tall buildings, short buildings, trees in between, roads and streets, and the red lights that I couldn’t see since I was too far away. But, the idea behind the image is what made it so fantastic. Pretty crazy to be able to see the city all at once, knowing that an endless number of lives goes on out there, and it’s only seen as one.READ MORE