Creative Writing

Lazy Letter: Out of Focus

Every tree, they say, has different tasting fruits. Just like chefs and their food. I've been wondering for a while now, about this orange tree I see out of my window on the other side of the street. That's all I see, really. I mean,

Lazy Letter: Bodies of Water

What was that dumb idea of mine to think that time doesn't pass by as I travel?! As if it's frozen, or it works differently as I'm away. Ah, that was stupid! I'm not really away; I'm right here. I'd rather imagine that I could

Chew Well

Even though the restaurant looked crappy, there was something inviting about it. A quick look inside, and a glance at the menu on the glass door, it seemed decent enough to grab a quick dinner. It wouldn't really be an inexpensive food, perhaps they'd charge

Lazy Letter: Going Nowhere

We took the morning bus. We were waiting at the bus stop by the bakery at nine o'clock. Teyo bought a pastry for herself, it had a jam filling. I didn't get anything, I just drank water; I can't have breakfast even if I wanted

Lazy Letter: Downtown

I have the fanciest bedroom here, you should come and see. Living in this bedroom makes me feel like I'm the queen or something. They say it's a seventeen-century house. Murals and window frames, the way each owner of the house has added some type

After Midnight

I drink red wine. I'm left with a purple stain on my lips, and a calmness followed by the last sip. Almost sleepy, I could go to bed. I'd rather hang out here, my bed is freezing. Not very promising for a sweet dream.

Lazy Letter: Window Seat

I am on my way to the other town in the south. The first few moments of arrival would always be stressful. I always ask myself what if I don't like it, or if I couldn't enjoy it, which is all nonsense; every trip is