A Moment Longer

Olive Trees

The landscape is covered with olive trees, and huge farms of solar panels; great use for a sunny land like this. There are small forests here and there, and I see some empty lands as we pass by the road. The olive trees are full

From up the hill

They set a big fire in the middle of the town. It's for the winter holidays. People gather around it, drink wine, red or white, and sing songs with their terrible voices. It's a bizarre tradition, but the people of the town seem to love


If it was back in the city, I turned around and said to Teyona, I'd be able to catch a taxi right out of my door. I looked down the empty alley of our naked town. I used to live downtown, I sighed. She agreed, loads

Chew Well

Even though the restaurant looked crappy, there was something inviting about it. A quick look inside, and a glance at the menu on the glass door, it seemed decent enough to grab a quick dinner. It wouldn't really be an inexpensive food, perhaps they'd charge

After Midnight

I drink red wine. I'm left with a purple stain on my lips, and a calmness followed by the last sip. Almost sleepy, I could go to bed. I'd rather hang out here, my bed is freezing. Not very promising for a sweet dream.


I heard someone shouting. The voice echoed all over the valley. He shouted again, the same word. He was perhaps calling a name, a person he was looking for.

Their Bathroom

I was sitting by the window and watching the view, the sunset was happening. The view was magnificent. Well, it's only the view of the city, tall buildings, short buildings, trees in between, roads and streets, and the red lights that I couldn't see since

City Lights

Overlooking the still horizon of the city, I caught the twinkling light of an airplane in the night sky. We could see the city from the window, almost all of it. It had grown so much so fast in the past few years, and it's

Summer Raindrops

Hot and humid, sometimes the wind stops blowing. Surrounded by the steam in the air, the extreme humidity makes it feel like a rain cloud around your body. A personal small cloud all around you. Smells like a melancholic Sunday afternoon. The microscopic drops of

Children of the Street

 Just before I pass the pizzeria by the clock store, a shiny black van pulled over the narrow alley. A very young beggar kid with dirty and old clothes slowed down. Waited. Seemed like a perfect chance to earn a few coins from the people inside