Lazy Letter: Bodies of Water

Lazy Letter: Bodies of Water

What was that dumb idea of mine to think that time doesn’t pass by as I travel?! As if it’s frozen, or it works differently as I’m away. Ah, that was stupid! I’m not really away; I’m right here. I’d rather imagine that I could escape, and avoid the ups and downs, and all the ups and downs it holds within. Living timeless, that’s what I’m longing for, not to worry about the name of the day, or which month of the year it is. Only the hours of my very ordinary life to lead mean to nothing would matter by the end of the day.

My new home is very interesting. It’s a very old one, left from centuries ago. Lots of murals all around the house, unless the wall is covered with red bricks and clay. What’s fascinating about these paintings is, I noticed the other day, that they all contain some type of body of water. A river, some sea, a narrow stream, the small lake, or the wild ocean; the blue water is everywhere. It must’ve been highly fancied in a town surrounded by farmlands and mines. Maybe they were short on water, or it stopped raining just like these days. Perhaps they were predicting the future. Foreseeing the era where the rainboots would extinct. Who would need them anyway?! “Raincoats?!” people would ask each other when they talked about the ancient times “what was that all about?!”

The church bells toll vigorously. Is it because it’s Sunday?! More like a melody, vague music, an easy reminder to let you know what’s supposed to be happening in the town right now. Everyone should be up and ready, leave the house by the end of these bells. It’s not the time to stay in bed, to have this deadly hangover with chapped lips and a tongue that feels as dry as a cork of the bottle of wine from last night.

I will stay in bed a little longer though. It’s the perfect moment to daydream, to let my imagination fly away.

26.Nov.17 – Messejana, Portugal