September 2018

After Midnight

I drink red wine. I'm left with a purple stain on my lips, and a calmness followed by the last sip. Almost sleepy, I could go to bed. I'd rather hang out here, my bed is freezing. Not very promising for a sweet dream.

Lazy Letter: Window Seat

I am on my way to the other town in the south. The first few moments of arrival would always be stressful. I always ask myself what if I don't like it, or if I couldn't enjoy it, which is all nonsense; every trip is

Lazy Letter: Sheep in the Factory

I took a walk around the village the other day, just to see what goes on around. Not so much, apparently. They say a lot of birds died in the fire, and their forest is black now, their home. Just like the seagulls who died


I heard someone shouting. The voice echoed all over the valley. He shouted again, the same word. He was perhaps calling a name, a person he was looking for.

Their Bathroom

I was sitting by the window and watching the view, the sunset was happening. The view was magnificent. Well, it's only the view of the city, tall buildings, short buildings, trees in between, roads and streets, and the red lights that I couldn't see since