One Minute

One Minute

“Your phone is ringing!” Ertu said as he pointed to my phone on the table. I saw the bright screen glowing underneath my wallet. I picked it up. It wasn’t an incoming call, it was outgoing–my phone had ringed someone. It called my dad, and fifteen seconds had passed¬†already. “Hello, hello” he was saying. I said hello to him. It was exciting to hear his voice.

“You called me” he said.

“I didn’t. My phone is old.”

“Oh, I see! I’ll hang up now, it’ll be expensive for you” he said out loud. He’s a loud talker.

“It’s okay. I don’t have any units left anyway, the call will drop any second.” I said.

“Everything okay?!”

“Good, good. Things are alright. How are you?!”

“I’m good too. Dealing with chickens and trees and everything else. Remember uncle Yusef’s place? We’ll prepare it for you. For the time you come by. Remember his house?! I’m talking about there. We’ll keep a horse in the yard, and we’ll paint the house. It’ll be…”

The call dropped. A message popped up on the screen, informing me that I was out of units. I was disappointed. If I’d realize the call earlier, if I’d save the first fifteen seconds, I’d hear him finish his sentence. Disappointed. Still, nice to hear him out of nowhere.

14.Jul.17 – Istanbul, Turkey

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