Lazy Letter: Thunderstorm

Lazy Letter: Thunderstorm

The rain was so mad, we had no other choice but to run. We were on our way home. It was pouring on us. It started mad and lasted long, even an hour after we got home. Hard to believe it was happening. How long did it take us to reach home, I wonder. Rather early in the morning, people were on their way to work, the day has just started. Only a bit floody and rainy and thunderstormy. The rain was now feeling brutal.

The drops were cold, or, we felt cold since we were soaking wet, and it wasn’t really adventurous anymore. Although, I have to say that some people were carrying umbrellas or were wearing raincoats. They knew something that we didn’t, as though it was only the two of us that were caught off guard. We were dressed so casually, ready for a sunny, fresh, hot summer morning. Oh how I crave for that! You know. I’ve complained more than enough about it. Am I not going to meet the summer properly and joyfully this year? Where’s the happy ending of this long cold winter then?!

We stood by this building as we jumped down the sarı dolmuş. Ordinarily, we’d walk home from there on. But, it was no ordinary day. Kurosch and I kept wondering what if we’d left ten minutes earlier, or if we hadn’t taken that long walk to the ferry station. We’d be comfortably resting the night off in our homes. We were stuck right in the middle of the city, where the map would pin Istanbul. We’d never seen anything like it before. No one ever has. This lady who had to share a cab with us later, who claimed she’d lived here for more than forty years said it was all very rare, a bad dream she’d never expect to happen. Nothing ever like it, quite a lifetime experience. Good that we didn’t leave ten minutes earlier. It must be one of those record breaking storms where the lightenings stroke more than two hundred times in about an hour. Unbelievable, we were amazed. Startled, shocked, and terrified by the power of the sky. The ferry ride we just took seemed like ages ago. I caught the first drops of the rain on the ferry, the very first ones. Kurosch was gone to the bathroom, and I was standing on the deck alone watching the end of the strait. I was enjoying the misty view of the sea. Little did I know that the sky would go frenzy on us just very soon.

I’d ran into crazy storms before, I think I told you about the one happened by the Park a few years ago. Although it was very different this time. Sounded a bit scary, the streets were a giant mess. And the sky was fuming, constantly striking the bright lights, it was only the clouds holding it together. The sky was about to rip open, no pause in between. We stood still for eight minutes before we see an empty cab from the distance. More than eight minutes and we absolutely did nothing, but to listen, and stare at the sky above. I’m not even exaggerating.

18.Jul.17 – Istanbul, Turkey

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