Lazy Letter: The Longest Day

Lazy Letter: The Longest Day

It should be now summer, as it is for the most majority of the world, and the sun must be to its hottest. “Summer is not coming to this country this year” a friend of mine joked about it the other day, which was funny and I laughed a lot, but very depressing at the same time. It’s somehow disturbing too. How far along would the cold season stretch?!



You know, I already had a very long and cold winter, and I was yearning for the heat of the summer by the end of March. It was actually quite hot when I was visiting my parents and friends back in my hometown. The spring started smoothly, chilly nights and warm days. Trees and fields that gradually turned bright green. And a free spirit to enjoy every second of it. In this case, I would be that poor free-spirited figure. Mom took a picture of the green leaves when I’d first arrived, and said, this is the loveliest tone, harsh sunlight and the polluted air of the city will destroy them soon. We looked at them for a second and kept walking. I just spoke to her a few minutes ago. She said that I was lucky I left, it’s unbearably hot. It’s the Hell itself. Well, you know how dry that city is, and how hot it becomes. It’s gotten worse over the past few years, thanks to the global warming and inconsiderate politicians. The summer had already started by the end of my journey there, it must be burning by now. My vitamin D intake had maxed out. I was pleased with the heat, almost fed up on my last day since the sun gave me a horrific headache.

Here I am now, feeling chilly at the beginning of the summer, thanks again to the global warming I guess. Oh you should touch my numb frozen toes! It rained a couple of days ago, and has been cloudy ever since. The sun was out for literary one day and a half–I counted.

Well, it really is a matter of love and hate, right?! I run away to the cooling shadows on sunny days, and I think about the warmth of the sun passionately and with deep regret when it’s cold and cloudy.

Now I have to wait for the summer all over again. Do you find it ironic too?

21.June.17 – Ankara, Turkey

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