Lazy Letter: On My Way There

Lazy Letter: On My Way There

The airport is lonely. Every part and every corner of it. How many flights can they hold at the same time?! I mean, even if they were fully loaded with many flights from all around the globe, this place would still be lonely.

I should’ve taken a nap during the day, but I really couldn’t. I was busy with my one-day job. You want to hear about it?! You don’t have the option of saying no, do you?! Well, I was babysitting, taking care of my youngest friend. Today I understand, with all my heart and soul, that being a mother really is a full-time job. You can’t even take a break from it. Except for when the baby is sleeping, or if you ask your mom or a friend to babysit for you. Later, I was busy packing my suitcase and organizing my stuff. Oh my stuff! There will always be some stuff somewhere that I need to take care of. Anyhow, I’m tired. Thinking about it, I’m usually tired. If I could see my life from above, just a step back, nothing fancy, I’m tired throughout all my life. Maybe someone once said that life is too short to sleep, and that stuck with me. I carry this idea with me and roll myself up in this insane pace or work and fun and adventurous games. Or, maybe it is still summer firing things up, makes me act as if I don’t care.

I’ve told you enough already about my priceless views of sunrise from above the clouds, and I will tell you once more; cannot get enough. Well, it must be all about the colors happening on the horizon, from the hottest red, orange and yellow, to the deepest blue, with a couple of stars still bright enough to the eye. An ocean of massive still clouds covering the land underneath, hovering in the space slower than the speed of a snail sliding on the leaves in the backyard–almost invisible to the naked eye. Well, nothing is really moving here. I snoozed constantly during the flight, and watched the sun rise up gradually in between those naps. However, toward the end of the trip, I had to make myself drink a strong coffee to be able to stay alert, up and ready for my next flight. I imagined that I had to run to the gate to catch the next flight, which I eventually did–there was less than half an hour in between the flights. All very confusing! What about my suitcase?! I asked the flight attendant and they told me things are fine, but no one really said anything about it.

P.S. So my luggage went missing. I already knew it would happen, saw it coming. Just very obvious! The ticket was cheap, and there was about zero time in between the transfer flights. No way they could’ve transferred my poor suitcase to the connecting flight in that little amount of time. No one probably cared, and the suitcase was left alone in a corner of the airport. I reported the case to the department of lost and found as soon as the luggage delivery ring stopped turning around, and everybody else was gone away with their suitcases and bags. The agent was so kind, he walked around the ring with me to make sure that the suitcase was actually missing, and I wasn’t just another exhausted traveler. He then asked me to identify my suitcase in details, such as the color and the shape and the name of the brand. I couldn’t recall what brand it was. It’s been living with me for more than nine years, I claim it’s my favorite suitcase and I couldn’t remember the name written on the right top corner. I wasn’t really surprised, but mostly disappointed. How come I’m so unlucky on this trip, and this cold shadow of bad fortune won’t leave my back alone?! Or is it my good luck charm, and all I have to do is to see things differently?!

I left the airport thinking that I could live without my things for a day. The agent made sure that I’ll have my suitcase by the afternoon of the next day, which is right now. It’s the afternoon, and I’m waiting at my table. As each car passes by, I look back up to the window to see if it’s the airport car, and if they have something for me. I don’t even see the road from where I’m sitting, I just keep looking! My small and very heavy brown suitcase is on its way, I’m impatient. A bit ironic how I’m dependent on it, and how the next six months of my life is summed up in it. What would I even do without it?! Never really thought of it. It didn’t occur to me!

I’m sitting on the railings of the terrace outside of the studio. RJ just passed by, we chatted for about a minute. The other resident is working in the other studio; I forgot her name, but her music is loud. The church bells ring every hour, although there seems to be something odd about it. Maybe it’s only my watch, or maybe the church is not really on time. The rings of the bell echo in the green valley; beautiful. The villages are quiet, only the sound of the birds and trees. Does it all look more appealing to me now that it took me a lot to get here? Was dad right about his theory, decoding the mystery of the universe, and that happiness hides in painful moments?! Or is it truly a piece of heaven that I just landed on without any suitcase?!

13.Oct.17 – Bordeiro, Portugal