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So, we eventually arrived at this diner type of place. We decided to have Kabab since it was the only open restaurant that hadn’t already run out of food. The street was a mess, I don’t think I’ve seen so many people all at once before.

I wasn’t hungry. Not hungry at all. But the idea of eating came from absolute boredom, how else would we entertain ourselves?! In this glorious night, what could possibly be better than this horrible, terrible looking, disgusting food? The night of victory for the ones who voted. And the ones who didn’t, guys made a few jokes on me. Funny jokes, I have to be honest with you, they were really funny.

We ordered two dishes, four sticks in total. I said before, I wasn’t hungry, glad that I didn’t have to eat too much of that sickening food. But it was nice overall. You know, everything about it was nice. I loved every moment of sitting in that old dirty restaurant, how we ate the grilled meat that tasted like plastic, watched people pass by from our window, and how they celebrated their bottoms away. Scream, most of the pedestrians were screaming with joy. They felt revealed; their president was reelected. They must be happy. Although, from where I was sitting, it didn’t seem so celebratory. People have forgotten how to cheer up, the three of us agreed at the same time.

20.May.2017 – Tehran, Iran


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