Reality Check

Reality Check

How does it feel to be 18? Do you remember? Things would last forever, I used to think. My mind worked crazy in every direction. I wanted to stand on top of the world, like every other 18-year-old. A lot of dreams kept floating in my head and I believed they will come true in just a second. 18 is the age of noticing that life is hard, it really is. Nothing turns out in a way we expect. I was so committed to my dreams. I wanted them to come true more than anything; that’s how it is to be 18. I was under a lot of pressure, both on the inside and outside. Something was missing though. I was too young to know that dreaming is just the first step. It just opens the first door.

This is an experimental animation inspired by the idea of being 18 again.



February 4, 2016


Art, Video