No Time For Bags – Open Studio Session

No Time For Bags – Open Studio Session

Many different notions are drawn into a life without a home, when you travel constantly and live in different houses for a couple of months as you consider them a temporary home, not longing to anyone or anyplace, looking for similarities in the new cultures and trying to blend as much as possible, learning something new everyday and being excited over it, watching uncountable amazing views during the trips, and meeting new friends along the way. As liberal as it all may sound, it carries a sense of loneliness, when most of the days are spent alone and involved with the inner self, sensing the lack of history in any friendship to hold it together once you leave and say goodbye. There’s always a higher risk of losing your belongings since they’re all summed up in a small luggage and a backpack, ready for the unexpected any minute. Although most of the days may pass by in absolute loneliness, life is still embraced since it was the matter of choice, to live on the road, to see things differently.

‘No Time For Bags’ was an open studio session held in RAIZVANGUARDA art center, Bordeiro, Coimbra, Portugal. It was a show of my art practices durion my residency. “Lonely Places” and “Lazy Letter” were presented as one piece, picturing the places that I’ve been to and the incidents that I encountered along the way. They’re both correspondences between the narrator and an unknown friend.

Bordeiro, Coimbra, Portugal – October 17


February 4, 2016