No Landers

No Landers

We’re humans, the texture of Adam. We live far away from nature, but we have an insatiable appetite for it. We pray the sky, we know it’s ours. We enjoy the sun, we protect ourselves from it just as much. We don’t forget the sunscreen. We’re the cloud watchers, them melting in the sunlight. We’re trying to quit the habit of laziness. We care about health, but we don’t specifically live healthily. We’re used to the city life. The crowd makes us feel better. If we see a flower on our way, we stop, and we smell it. Moving is a necessity.

We’re No Landers. We work. We envision another version of reality. We plan. Soon enough we realize that the future is not what it was going to be. Who are we to set plans for the future? To govern this government?! In pursuit of fun, we follow the path. We don’t live without friends. What meaning does life carry without friends? We cross the borders. We wear mismatched socks. We don’t seek anything but peace of mind. We laugh. Sometimes from the bottom of our heart.


February 4, 2016


Art, Writing