Awaiting the Mailman

Awaiting the Mailman

The practice of letter writing is fairly neglected in our contemporary society where multitasking, communicating with only a few clicks, and conversing with a light touch of our fingertips is so common that we don’t seek other manners. “Awaiting the Mailman” peeks in through a personal, and perhaps a private conversation between two friends who, due to the living conditions, must maintain the friendship from the distance in order not to fade away in time.

The letter, folded inside an envelope, is lost in the mail; therefore, whether or not the correspondence continues remains unknown. The letter contains observations and comments on the global pandemic and the side effects of this crisis on their lives. The narrator honestly explains the struggles of constantly being on the move and living in temporary homes, the contemplations of what could be called a home, and the troubles in order to find one. The content of the letter directly and metaphorically is related to the charm of the time, the sweetness of the past and the era gone-by which wouldn’t be gained back.

Handwritten letter inside an envelope. This piece was contributed to Lacuna Festivals – Lost (2020). The rest of the exhibition could be visited here:


February 4, 2016


Art, Writing