2. Kalite Zirvesi

2. Kalite Zirvesi was the second summit for quality We decided that Guilloche would be a good theme for the congress. So, inspired by that, I tried to create a neat and modern design. Unfortunately, this design was rejected by the client.


Turkiey Hava Trafik Emniyeti Elektronik Teknik Elemanlar Dernegi This is series of logos designed for Turkish air traffic technicians associations. I tried to keep the design simple, yet meaningful. Unfortunately, the client wanted to take another direction, so these designs were rejected.  


Concept design for 43rd IFATSEA General Assembly (International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations) I decided to combine clouds, sky and graphic lines to picture the electronics, and use the color blue to give it a refreshing look. The silhouette of Istanbul can also be seen