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The past couple days were somewhat revolutionary. Not to add an extra meaning to my new new-year theory, but I actually learned a lot from this trip. Everywhere could be just as comfortable as home. Every forest could feel like somewhere I’ve walked before. All I need to do is to follow the sign. Here, the code is red and yellow lines on the side of the road to lead the way. Destination: the ocean. It could’ve been the mountain, the valley, the waterfalls across the town which I believe would remain a mystery forever, downtown, or even a walk to nothing. The path is where it all takes place.

This trip was planned to happen differently. But things don’t work out the way they’ve been planned, do they?! Isn’t that always the way it is?! A friend was supposed to join, but I rambled alone in the end. All alone, there were people around, of course, and I was still traveling on this planet. In fact, I got to meet so many new friends instead. All the solo travelers that I’d kept hearing about, online or not, but never met any in person before. Perhaps, I’ve been always busy with my friends. But, I mean, the power of solitude should not be underestimated. Being alone should be granted. It’s not every day that you get to be one hundred percent alone. It’s a curious state anyway. And the question is how to enjoy it the best. Is there such things as too lonely?! Is it even there to enjoy?! Or, should I be intimidated by it, just as my father always believes?!

At some point, I promised myself to take trips like this more often; it was great fun. And everything happened. Don’t you just love the trips where everything happens?! From a night out in the city to hitchhiking along the side roads, to walking in an unknown forest, and finally running around to catch the last bus back home. I haven’t yet been so unlucky to miss the last bus back home. The smell of the forest is still under my nose, and the touch of the wood is still on my fingertips. Things happen, yea?! And only the time is to determine their reason, why they ever took place. So, it would be pointless if I worried myself too much about things. The past has already been lived once, it’s not real anymore. The future is always a question mark. Time holds the present, then, keeps a tight grasp of the reality; there’s no joking around with the time.

5.Dec.17 – Messejana, Portugal


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