Lazy Letter: Laughter and Joy

Lazy Letter: Laughter and Joy

The mission was to explore downtown in only a few hours, it was a day trip after all. Hiten and I walked along the alleys, saw something in a corner or by the end of the path, so we’d switch directions. A satisfying lunch was on the list too, a trip would be incomplete without a good lunch. We visited churches, passed by ancient walls, visited more churches; these towns are all about churches. One thing that I hadn’t estimated about this short trip was how much I was going to laugh and enjoy myself. I’ve probably told you about it already that Hiten is one of the most humorous people I’ve ever met. She’s so hilarious that she almost makes me pee my pants, almost! We walked around, and laughed out loud at her comments, and things she talked about. My voice echoed all over the place. After a certain point, whatever she said sounded funny to me, I couldn’t stop laughing. How lucky of me to have a wonderful friend like her!

The time between waking up, and actually getting up seems to be stretching longer every day. Mornings are getting lazier than ever. It’s the cold, it has to be, I don’t see any other reason why I’m so out of energy. Hiten believes that I need to eat more meat so that my body could keep warm. She eats fifty grams of meat per day. “Five, zero” she said. She might be right. She’s always right. But I believe that I need to clear up my mind, face the trouble, and have a friendly conversation with it.

Things have origins, they come from somewhere. There’s a story behind every idea. We are surrounded by things, details, and endless points of views. Seemingly random series of incidents that follow one another, without any mistakes or delays, just the perfect timing to build up an incident, an event, something that we later call a memory. The world of storytelling is complex, and get more complicated the more I think about it. It varies depending on how the story is told, who narrates it, in what condition and frame of mind, who the reader is, what they read, or see, or imagine as they get along with the story, and probably so many other elements that I’m unable to consider. It applies to every medium, I guess. Imagine a painting full of dots and lines and strokes of a brush. Or a tale full of words and phrases. Think of a film shot in different locations created by the crew. They each create some kind of background, or space, or some kind of air to evoke emotions and certain feelings, and raise the level of curiosity, to¬†eventually reflect another face of reality.

I saw a crazy dream last night. Although it was very vivid, and the images were quite sharp, everything vanished away as soon as I opened my eyes. Perhaps we went to the swimming pool for a nice swim since Teyona and I talked about it earlier that day. I also met someone there, can’t recall who. He said “hi” to me. And I said “yellow”. He laughed.

24.Dec.17 – Messejana, Portugal