My Hands

Not everyone can contact the world with their hands. Can you?

Reality Check

How does it feel to be 18? Do you remember? Things would last forever, I used to think. My mind worked crazy in every direction. I wanted to stand on top of the world, like every other 18-year-old. A lot of dreams kept floating in my

One More Glass of Water

What is food? Why do we eat what we eat? How would life be different if you stopped eating? How would it feel like to be empty on the inside?! A while ago, I put myself in an experiment where I fasted for 90 hours; I


Root is a variable notion to an individual which is the fundamental element of every society. There’s an intangible aspect of every existence that is defined by accumulated knowledge, memories of battles for freedom, survival challenges confined by ignorant and unjust power, certain traditions adopted

Şehr-i Yar (Music Video)

Music video for the song "Şehr-i Yar", composed by No Land, from the album "Pusulası Kaybolmuş", April 2019. The animation was created in mix technique, including drawing, watercolor, digital painting, rotoscoping and digital animating techniques.

How do you see the Future?!

A brief answer, wondering what the future will be like. This video was contributed to the Cabaret, an online event hosted by Lacuna Festivals, The Lost Festival. The event could be watched through the link:

The Street

'The Street' pictures selective series of ordinary moments of life in an endless city. Based on the memoir 'Morning People', it follows a series of changes happening in the City, beauties that turn bitter under the pressure of the political and economical changes, the sweetness