Sky Lines

There are lines and dots, up in the sky, from sunset to sunrise.


I thought I was close enough. I had no idea how far away I was. Phukaet, Thailand - March 2015


As everything falls into pieces, woods dissolve in fire, wind blows through the clouds and mountains, hills, trees, stones and cities, another life goes on, beyond what I see. Keltepe, Karabuk, Turkey - July 2015


Clouds pass by and the visions change, just like the horizon, when you take a step or two. Taze Kand, Heris, Iran - September 2015


As soft as snow, or just as tough. Feb, Mar 17 - Iceland

No-sky Land

The sun disappears sometimes, just to let us know how boring life is without the sky.


"By the end of the winter, everything would be frozen. You could walk on the forest, and the ice wouldn't break." Merja said. How sad that I couldn't stay longer to see that. Oct, Nov, Dec - Joutsa, Finland