Old Town

Old and foreign, I cannot relate Phuket, Thailand - March 2015

Sky Lines

There are lines and dots, up in the sky, from sunset to sunrise.


I thought I was close enough. I had no idea how far away I was. Phukaet, Thailand - March 2015


As everything falls into pieces, woods dissolve in fire, wind blows through the clouds and mountains, hills, trees, stones and cities, another life goes on, beyond what I see. Keltepe, Karabuk, Turkey - July 2015


Clouds pass by and the visions change, just like the horizon, when you take a step or two. Taze Kand, Heris, Iran - September 2015

Fading with the Cold

Winter comes along, and the colors fade away; inevitable. Oct, Nov, Dec 16 - Joutsa, Finland


Samat Yaylasi, Abant, Turkey - October 2015