Lazy Letter: Another Nap

Lazy Letter: Another Nap

I couldn’t remember the dream I woke up from. Couldn’t really remember how I fell asleep. I needed another nap before the sun was up– soon the beach would be too sunny to sleep. My watch read six o’clock sharp. The sky was lit up, but not completely, I could still see a star. The brightest one. I took a good look at the sky all around me. I wondered where the sun would rise up from. For a second, I lost my sense of direction. It was only my first night, and the beach was going to be my bed for the next seven days. Good to know the neighborhood! I remembered that last night the moon vanished right in front of me slightly above the horizon. I remembered its glow on the restless sea; only a couple days away from the full moon. And so the sun would rise up from the mountain behind, now that I was calculating. Only a touch of yellow light was visible from behind the tree. The mountains were quiet, standing tall from three different directions, holding their arms around one another and protecting this gorgeous valley. And a little bit blue from the night before, although they’re all covered in green. Nature is powerful, it almost speaks to you. The sun takes its time to rise up, and for some reason, early hours of the day last longer. I figured there will be more than enough time for a good nap.

Sat up, too sweaty and hot underneath the sunlight to check the time. It must’ve been past eight, maybe eight thirty?! Took my shirt off, and left my shoes by my sleeping bag. I’d been waiting all night for my morning swim.

P.S. Surprise, surprise! I still haven’t sent this. It didn’t really occur to me that there are no post offices at this beach. There are no buildings, no cars. Only tents and bungalow houses and sleepless party animals. Uh, well, guess the letter is doomed to travel with me this time!

Every┬áday is almost the same, but pretty different than what you think. Swims and long walks around the hills and the valley. Working in the kitchen for a couple of hours in exchange for shower and dinner. Makes me feel like I live in the past where washing dishes and chopping up vegetables was still a valid currency for food and bed. Although, I had already chosen my bed. Beach is always my favorite mattress, remember?! I fall asleep watching the stars above, it only takes me a few seconds. I’m so tired by the end of the day that I really don’t know how I end up at the beach, how I curl up in my sleeping bag. Although, one of the nights grew into a misty morning in the forest, too intoxicated to┬áremember how the party lasted so long.

I couldn’t sleep the other night. I kept my eyes closed, as the high-tech music was splitting my ears from a corner of the beach by that tree, and so I hoped I’d magically fall asleep. To be honest, my body was too tired to party with them. Anyway, my eyes were closed as I was rendering all these irrelevant thoughts. For a second, I thought looking at the stars might help me fall asleep, even though the music was pretty disturbing, this theory could be tested out. Eyes wide open, suddenly a giant meteor draws a line in the middle of the sky. One of those shooting stars that leaves glitters behind in the black sky, and would take a couple of seconds to completely vanish away. My breath was locked up in my chest. I almost got up, almost. And then I couldn’t close my eyes anymore for all the generated excitement. Less than a minute later, another glorious meteor strikes, even more impressive than the first one. I hold my breath this time not to scream out. How come no one is reacting to this, I wondered. Are people too busy with this party? Is that still even fun?! I was too thrilled, thanked the universe for this surprising gift; I considered it as a birthday present. But I don’t know, I must’ve fallen asleep right after. Well, at least we know now my theory worked.

Sep.17 – Kabak, Turkey