Author: iman

Lazy Letter: Snowing Ash

It was still dark when I finally woke up. I didn't sleep well throughout the night, woke up with every little sound. We had to sleep at the volunteers' house since we decided it was safer for the night. We have no car at the

Lazy Letter: On My Way There

The airport is lonely. Every part and every corner of it. How many flights can they hold at the same time?! I mean, even if they were fully loaded with many flights from all around the globe, this place would still be lonely. I should've taken

Lazy Letter: To September

I uncomfortably sat in the corner of the couch which was chewed up by an animal from the sides. I already knew that he keeps pets and he fights for animal rights, but what kind of animal would he bring home to destroy a couch

City Lights

Overlooking the still horizon of the city, I caught the twinkling light of an airplane in the night sky. We could see the city from the window, almost all of it. It had grown so much so fast in the past few years, and it's

Summer Raindrops

Hot and humid, sometimes the wind stops blowing. Surrounded by the steam in the air, the extreme humidity makes it feel like a rain cloud around your body. A personal small cloud all around you. Smells like a melancholic Sunday afternoon. The microscopic drops of

Lazy Letter: My Parallel Universe

It's hard to catch on from time to time. It's happening all so fast, and to be honest, I'm way too distracted to keep track. Pretty sure I'm taking it all for granted, this stress has made me blind. Sometimes I forget life is basically

Lazy Letter: Hey, Hey

Woke up to the sound of simit seller man. He must've been in one of the alleys nearby. "Hey, hey" he was shouting out loud, although everyone knows "simit, simit" is what he's saying. Or sometimes just a very long "hey" is what you might

Lazy Letter: Another Nap

I couldn't remember the dream I woke up from. Couldn't really remember how I fell asleep. I needed another nap before the sun was up-- soon the beach would be too sunny to sleep. My watch read six o'clock sharp. The sky was lit up,