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Harsh (Morning People)

Hello, friends! As you may know, I’ve recently self-published my second memoir, Morning People. There are some notes and drafts that I haven’t included in the book. I may have forgotten, or maybe I couldn’t fit them in. Anyway, I thought I could share them here with you. Just keep in mind that this piece of writing is not edited. And here‘s the link to the book if you’d like to have a look.READ MORE

Morning People: Reality That Happened, or Not.

Recently, I released my second memoir, ‘Morning People’. It was a long, and even a hard process. But it’s published now, and I say, out loud and proud that the book exists on CreateSpace and Amazon. Although I haven’t had the chance to order it myself yet, a couple of friends were kind enough to purchase it and support me. Independent artists need support more than anything else you may think of.

The idea of this book started when I first moved to the city, to live with my friends, to experience life in a massive gigantic city and give myself the opportunity to grow and learn. I was still working on my first memoir, ‘That Year’, which was the story of one year of my life in my apartment, how I gradually got to know my flat. I also talked about incidents and funny misfortunes that happened throughout that one year of my life. Just as the life in the endless city began, I started to notice how different it was all going to be. And I felt the urge, and craved writing. And so I wrote. I was a bit busy at the time, so I took my notes and pictures. They were sometimes drops of reminders to take me to the past.READ MORE