Sevda Khatamian | About
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My name is Sevda Khatamian. I was born in the summer of 89. My family was already living in Tehran when I joined them. Although there were all kinds of cousins and aunts and uncles in the family, it was mostly the four of us hanging out together. My father, Amin, used to run his own business and my mother, Zarifeh, worked in a hospital. Later, she became a lawyer. My older brother, Soheil, moved to Turkey when he was 17. So, I decided to go abroad too.

I’ve started my art practices since 2009, studying graphic design and later working as a designer. My genuine work has begun since 2013, generating ideas and developing projects in different mediums. After living in different parts of Turkey for eight years, I am now living as an artist in residence in different countries, and I’m traveling around for most of the year; creativity dawns as I move along with the road.

Artist Statement:

I consider myself as a storyteller. I am interested in ordinary stuff and everyday matters that are slightly twisted and a little bit out of the ordinary. Small things happening in the vast scenery draw my attention. My daily experiences with people and incidents, strangers I meet randomly, my family’s history and background are the things that inspire me the most. I document incidents and series of events happening for a certain period of time, and I take notice of how the coincidences come together organically with the power of time. I think detail is one of the main aspects to make an idea stand out, memorable and joyful to watch. I believe things have spirits, too.

I’ve been working on contemporary writing and combining text with different mediums, such as drawing, animation and film, in order to explore the idea on other forms and to create a better understanding of the bizarre world I live in. Inspired by real-life experiences and the world of dreams, I express isolation and loneliness in human life with a slight twist of humor, and all the changes happening along the way. Some moments in real life carry emotions and senses which make them stand out and worth the second look. My work is based on reality, but I also let the audience know that this is only an edited version; we may never find out the whole truth of a story.